Lehigh University

Who's coming as of 10/23/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Todd Bushta '19P 2019 Ann Thompson
David Caruso '19P
Evan Chansky '20 2020
Yicheng Chen '99G 2019
Zhiyu Chen '19G 2019
Nadine Clopton '19 2019 Mohsen Mahdawi
Robert Cole '19 2020 Janet (Pickens) Cole
Arlene Fitzgerald '20P '23P John Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald '20P '23P 2020 Arlene Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald
Jack Gill '20 2020 Lisa (Altieri) Gill, Haley Gill
Ryan Gogerty 2022 Sandra Gogerty, Sean Gogerty
Sandra Gogerty 2022 Ryan Gogerty, Sean Gogerty
Sean Gogerty 2022 Sandra Gogerty, Ryan Gogerty
Joachim Grenestedt '19P '22P 2019 Chiharu Tokura, Scott Grenestedt, Ken Grenestedt
Ken Grenestedt '19 2019 Joachim Grenestedt, Chiharu Tokura, Scott Grenestedt
Yunyun Gu '19 2019
Reyhan Guleryuz '19 2019
Corey Harvey '19G 2019 Christopher Harvey
Marlene Hendrian '19P '23P Marshall Hendrian
Dawon Jeong '19 2019
dePaul Miller '20 2020 Natalie Morgan
Sabrina Morawej '19 2019
Mary Cecelia Morrell '19P '23P Michael Morrell, John Morrell
Sarah Oliver '20 2020
Howard Ott '19P 2019 Mary Ott
Mary Ott '19P 2021 Howard Ott
Aidan Schubert '19 Kirk Schubert, Ellen Schubert, Quentin Schubert
Ellen Schubert '19P '23P Kirk Schubert, Quentin Schubert, Aidan Schubert
Diane Simon '19P John Simon
John Simon '19P Diane Simon
Chiharu Tokura '19P '22P 2019 Joachim Grenestedt, Scott Grenestedt, Ken Grenestedt
Deborah Watlington 2019 Jay Watlington, Shjon Watlington
Sara Zhang '18 2020


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