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Who's coming as of 10/23/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Victoria Aronow '20P 2020 Marshall Duling
Brian Barrett '20P 2020 Camilla Barrett
Camilla Barrett '20P 2020 Brian Barrett
Mark Bense '20 2020
Georgina Bliss Marshall Isabelle Marshall, Rick Marshall, Charles Marshall
Deanna Booth Scott Brenner, Zoe Kravitz
Lisa Bukovac Gifford Duncan, Edmon Duncan
Rachel Case '20 2020 Victoria Case, Steven Case
Steven Case '20P 2020 Rachel Case, Victoria Case
Victoria Case '20P 2020 Rachel Case, Steven Case
Jeffery Chen '20 2020
Barbara Clayton '20P 2020 George Shinopoulos
Suzanne Daly '20P 2020
Dr. Chuck Diakon Janet Rotchford
Cassidy Drost '20 2020
Edmon Duncan Gifford Duncan, Lisa Bukovac
Gifford Duncan '20 2020 Lisa Bukovac, Edmon Duncan
Cathy Fainor '20P Scott Fainor, Matthew Fainor
Matthew Fainor '20 2020 Scott Fainor, Cathy Fainor
Scott Fainor '20P Cathy Fainor, Matthew Fainor
Christopher Ferrante '20P 2020 Robyn Ferrante
Robyn Ferrante '20P 2020 Christopher Ferrante
Gina Ferrari '20P 2020 Jim Ferrari
Jim Ferrari 2020 Gina Ferrari
John Fitzgerald '19 2020 John Fitzgerald, Arlene Fitzgerald
Laura Gardner '20P 2020
Gregory Girolamo '20P '23P Sydney Girolamo, Gregory Girolamo, Sonia Girolamo
Gregory Girolamo '20 2020 Sydney Girolamo, Sonia Girolamo, Gregory Girolamo
Sonia Girolamo '20P '23P Sydney Girolamo, Gregory Girolamo, Gregory Girolamo
Jack Goodman '20 2020
Demetri Greco '20 2020
Michael Greco '20P Ann Maroni, Zarima Greco, Thani Greco, John Greco
Joan Grune '20P 2020
Robert Grune '20P 2020
Abdul Moiz Gul '20 2020
Kirk Hauman '20P 2020 Nancy Hauman, Peter Hauman
Nancy Hauman '20P 2020 Kirk Hauman, Peter Hauman
Peter Hauman '20 2020 Nancy Hauman, Kirk Hauman
Alfred Horn '20P 2020 Myra Horn
Myra Horn '20P 2020 Alfred Horn
Xiaming Jin '20 2020
Tracey King-abraham '20P
Dean Koski '20P '21P '23P Lisa Koski
Lisa Koski '20P '21P '23P Dean Koski
Zoe Kravitz '20 2020 Deanna Booth, Scott Brenner
Madelyn Lindquist '20 2020
Yunfan Ling '20G 2020 Jia Wo
Gloria Longo '20P 2020 Peter Longo, Tyler Longo
Peter Longo '20P 2020 Gloria Longo, Tyler Longo
Tyler Longo '20 2020 Gloria Longo, Peter Longo
Derek Luchs '20P Susan Luchs, Fred Luchs, Mary (Luchs) Luchs
Mary (Luchs) Luchs '20 Susan Luchs, Derek Luchs, Fred Luchs
Susan Luchs Derek Luchs, Fred Luchs, Mary (Luchs) Luchs
Brenna Lutz '20 2020
Donna Markley '20P 2021
Ann Maroni '20P Michael Greco, Zarima Greco, Thani Greco, John Greco
Isabelle Marshall '20 2020 Georgina Bliss Marshall, Rick Marshall, Charles Marshall
Rick Marshall Isabelle Marshall, Georgina Bliss Marshall, Charles Marshall
Brian Miller '20 2020
Michaela Ott '20 2020
Diana Patterson '20P '22P 2020 William Patterson, Graham Patterson, Alexandra Patterson, Chess Patterson
Graham Patterson '20 2020 Diana Patterson, William Patterson, Alexandra Patterson, Chess Patterson
William Patterson '20P '22P 2020 Diana Patterson, Graham Patterson, Alexandra Patterson, Chess Patterson
Janet Pearl MD '20P 2020 Mark Pearl
Mark Pearl MD '20P 2020 Janet Pearl
Vanessa Pedraza '20 2020
Malini Ray '20 2020 Manash Ray, Gayatri Ray
Manash Ray '20P 2020 Gayatri Ray, Malini Ray
Anthony Recupero Elayne Recupero, Joseph Recupero
Elayne Recupero Anthony Recupero, Joseph Recupero
Joseph Recupero '20 2020 Anthony Recupero, Elayne Recupero
Elizabeth Reyhan '20P 2020 Matthew Reyhan
Matthew Reyhan '20P 2020 Elizabeth Reyhan
Edward Rubin '20P 2020 Marc Rubin, Margene Rubin
Marc Rubin '20 2020 Edward Rubin, Margene Rubin
Margene Rubin '20P 2020 Marc Rubin, Edward Rubin
Ananth Narayan Samudrala '20G 2020
Steven Savino
Debra Sharp '20P 2020 Edward Sharp
Edward Sharp '20P 2020 Debra Sharp
George Shinopoulos '20P 2020 Barbara Clayton
Ariella Silverstein '20 2020
Jonathan Skinner '20P 2020 Karen Skinner
Karen Skinner '20P 2020 Jonathan Skinner
Andrew Spinnell '20P 2020 Natalie Spinnell
Natalie Spinnell '20P 2020 Andrew Spinnell
Cynthia Taffet '20P 2020 Gary Taffet
Gary Taffet '20P 2020 Cynthia Taffet
Bruce Taggart '20P '22P 2020
Jay Watlington '20P 2020 Deborah Watlington, Shjon Watlington
Shjon Watlington '21 2020 Deborah Watlington, Jay Watlington
Ruth Wells 2020 Sam Wells
Jia Wo '20G 2020 Yunfan Ling
Wenxin Zhang '20G 2020


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